We are continually looking to work with new hauliers within the UK and throughout Europe and can offer various options for engagement to suit each haulier’s circumstances and requirements.

General subcontracting

For operators looking for reloads, shift work or ad hoc traffic we subcontract over 800 loads per day within the UK and throughout Europe. We are happy to work with hauliers on a job by job basis or, where appropriate, we can look to allocate traffic lanes to hauliers to give a greater degree of certainty to operators requiring a guaranteed traffic flow. Our teams in Preston and Glasgow will liaise with your traffic department on a daily basis to establish requirements and offer suitable work.

Dedicated fleet operators

We currently work with over 200 operators in the UK and a growing number across Europe to provide ‘core fleet’ vehicles that are planned exclusively on Barron Wood traffic. This option allows operators to provide a vehicle and driver to Barron Wood on a full time basis which will be planned and managed by the BWD planning teams in Preston or Glasgow. The majority of core fleet vehicles operate on a tramping basis, and our planners take responsibility for ensuring vehicles are planned on BWD work throughout the week and back to their home base at the end of the working week. Our planners will work closely with you and/ or your drivers to ensure vehicles are run efficiently and target earnings are achieved across the week. In addition our admin team will support you to minimise the admin burden, helping ensure speedy and accurate payments each week.

To set up with Barron Wood as a haulier we require the following documents to be emailed to it@bwd-traffic.co.uk. Once received a member of our Haulier Compliance Team will get in touch with you to progress your application. When you have been approved and registered as a haulier with Barron Wood, you will be assigned to one of our operators who will work with you to develop the relationship to everyone’s benefit.

All hauliers are required to submit the following documents:

  1. Company letterhead
  2. Office Contact Name & Email Address
  3. Landline & Mobile Number
  4. Goods in transit insurance certificate*
  5. Motor/ fleet insurance certificate (UK only)
  6. Operator’s licence (UK operator’s licence required for UK domestic traffic, EU or UK international licence required for European traffic
  7. VAT certificate (UK only)
  8. Waste licence (if available)

*Goods in transit insurance cover requirements differ dependent on the type of work you are looking to do.

  • General subcontracting Haulier – UK domestic traffic: cover in accordance with RHA Conditions of Carriage 2009 to the standard limit of £1,300 per tonne, or All Risk £40,000 (min)
  • Dedicated (Core Fleet) Haulier – UK domestic traffic: cover in accordance with RHA Conditions of Carriage 2009 with an increased upper limit of at least £6,500 per tonne. (Barron Wood Distribution Ltd named on the policy)
  • General subcontracting – European traffic: cover in accordance with CMR.
  • Dedicated (Core Fleet) Haulier – European traffic: cover in accordance with CMR.

Haulier Set Up

Make an enquiry to become a BWD Haulier

01772 610160