Barron Wood Distribution and Road Tech partnership

We have worked closely with the BWD team over the last 15 years and have forged strong friendships with the directors and management team as a result. Our business partnership has proved successful for both companies. By building a strong partnership with BWD, we have been able to offer the best solution and support for their business. It has given us a positive insight into their business and enabled us to help them improve all aspects of their IT infrastructure and transport management software.

BWD are always looking at ways to increase efficiencies across their operations. Working alongside Road Tech they have found a partner, capable of supporting their innovate thinking. Our software technology constantly helps them identify areas where efficiencies and cost savings can be made.

The relationship between BWD and Road Tech will continue to grow. With the two teams in regular contact and working closely together to drive innovation and efficiencies, Road Tech can constantly support BWD in achieving its objectives. Together we have been able to broaden the range of services BWD can provide to its customers and give their business the competitive advantage it deserves.

BWD is an independent, forward-thinking, ever-growing company that always strives to go the extra mile for its customers and build long-term relationships with their customers and suppliers. Here’s to the next 15 years together and for the new business wins of the future.

With the development of Roadrunner Live, BWD’s customers can now book their own jobs online, eradicating unnecessary work for BWD’s staff, saving the business time and money. The traffic office find the intuitive live dashboards easy to use and can estimate and manage collection times, track and trace consignments in real-time, capture signatures and PODs that can be viewed online. Roadrunner has effectively helped BWD keep their customers well informed and take their customer services to the next level.

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